Health Services in Malta

Malta was ranked 5th in the world, for its health services standard, by the World Health Organization (WHO). Malta’s health care system closely resembles the British system, its former occupier.

Malta is unique in its provision of healthcare services. It has a robust public health care system called, government health services, free at the point of delivery for all Maltese citizens, and an equally robust private health care system, making it one of the popular medical tourism destinations, across the developed world.

The largest government hospital and Malta’s primary hospital is the Mater Dei Hospital established in 2007. It reputedly boasts of one of the largest medical buildings in the European continent.

Health-Services-in-Malta1-300x205In 2014 the government began promoting private-public partnerships in the healthcare sector to establish Malta as a Mediterranean health hub for medical tourism. Malta is currently building on its reputation and is an excellent destination where one can receive medical and surgical treatment. Three main reasons why one should choose Malta to receive medical treatment are:

  • A significant number of qualified and high standard professionals who have studied, trained, and qualified in the UK or USA.
  • The Maltese medical standards meet and exceed European requirements with Malta ranking highly in terms of health levels and overall health system performance (World Health Report 2007).
  • Comfort level at private clinics and hospitals is very high and prices are very competitive.

Overall, Malta has excellent health care services with a lot of different options, which can be confirmed by both citizens, temporary workers, foreigners and tourists. Hospitals have modern infrastructure and modern equipment, and are well supported by a regional network of health centers.