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GICG is your true Partner in Malta

Global Information Consultancy Group Malta is an authorized mandatory and has a well-earned reputation as one of the most pre-eminent consulting groups in both Malta & internationally, with market contacts in Europe and the MENA regions since 1996. GICG is an exclusive firm with contacts to assist with regulatory and legal matters. The investment programs that we offer are a key component to our success, and our vision is to provide the highest standard of Professionalism and service to our esteemed global clients.

Our Services

We provide tailor made second residence solutions for HNWIs from all over the world. In addition, we complement our services with a specialized Tax and Client Advisory department that promotes diversified investment opportunities in Malta with the best tax and corporate structure.

GICG takes interest in expanding its resources

GICG takes interest in expanding its resources by partnering with advisors who are primarily dedicated to attracting potential clients to Malta. That is, GICG will team up with said advisors and equip them with the information, resources, and tools to get the most from the opportunity of introducing Malta as one of the programs they can offer to their respective clients. GICG on the other hand will handle the application process. With GICG’s solid and sound background and expertise in the area of attracting potential clients towards holding an immigration and citizenship status in the different regions, interested advisors can be rest assured that they will have a solid professional partner in Malta who can handle the application process with the highest standards and time efficiency. GICG may provide an overview of the Malta Programs to interested advisors to familiarize them with all details pertaining to each and every program. We invite you to Partner with us!